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DeskBell Mobile App


There are plenty of websites and mobile applications to choose a vacation spot. There are plenty of websites and applications to buy air tickets. There are even more websites and applications to choose a hotel or an apartment. But these is only one app which allows you to live comfortably in a hotel you’ve already chosen. To instantly make all the wishes of your guests come true. It’s called DeskBell. It integrates thousands of hotels from all over the world.

DeskBell, a free app available in App Store and Google Play, will not assist you in choosing a hotel, compare apartments and hotel rooms, it will help you to achieve maximum comfort in the hotel you’ve already chosen. The app will determine the location of a guest and will provide all the necessary information. It’s the first app which is useful for both guests and hotels and it’s free for both.

Someone may ask “Why do you need a hotel guide?”. It’s not a big city where you can get lost. And for someone walking around hotel territory is a part of their vacation they can spend some time on… But experienced travelers know, that the less time you spend on wandering hotel corridors, the more you will have for sightseeing. More time to explore local restaurants, visit interesting places and buy some souvenirs.

A guest wants to find the restaurant, bar, check out their menu and meal times. Of course, he/she can ask at the reception desk (and probably forget all they wanted to know on the way downstairs). Or just open the DeskBell, and it will determine the location and tell you everything. Also, DeskBell will offer some relevant goods and services for tourists.

A guest doesn’t need those giant guestbooks anymore to find out how to call reception desk, restaurant, gym or SPA. There’s no need in collecting advertising brochures. In the app, which will serve as an organizer, all information is already saved and renewed on a regular basis, since it’s in the interests of hotels themselves. DeskBell will take care of a guest, offer relevant information and even wake him/her up for breakfast. A pocket-size smart hotel. No more spending on printing, the app will save paper and money, and will contribute to preserving nature.

The app already has 1000 000 hotels from all around the world. It will automatically determine the language - and then a guest just have to choose the information and read! Some of the big hotel chains have similar apps, but only DeskBell integrates them all.

DeskBell is a giant advertising opportunity. It automatically determines the income level of a guest depending on where he/she decided to stay. DeskBell is not only a navigator and a private hotel guide. It’s also a messenger to chat with other hotel guests. There’s a chat connected to a social media profile of a guest. “On the first ring” the app will show you those who are nearby and ready to network. Tourists can find others coming from the same country in their or in a neighboring hotel, meet for a tour, play beach volleyball or go to a restaurant.

The app will become a calendar for its users – it will tell them about upcoming events in the hotel. Guests will keep track of contests, discounts, parties and other events. Now there’s no need in reading a bulletin board. DeskBell will offer you what you need, its artificial intellect will become your best assistant.

Every hotel is unique, it has its own flavor and setup. And only DeskBell integrates all the hotels worldwide! DeskBell has two major features – its potential audience, divided by needs and capabilities, and its uniqueness, as there is no app similar to this one on the market. DeskBell sets a uniform standard in segment, since the app is for all hotels in the world!

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