National Car Rental Fraud

Enterprise Holdings’ National Car Rental Admits Mistake After Mistake to Lee County Port Authority Police Following Predatory Pursuit, SubscriberWise Confirms

National Car Rental fraud victim astonished after reading official report from law enforcement detectives involved in the criminal investigation

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

SubscriberWise announced on Friday the remarkable information and admissions obtained by Lee County Port Authority Police following the criminal fraud investigation involving the alleged National Car Rental financial extortion scheme from SubscriberWise founder David Howe.

 “Today I met with one of the law enforcement professionals involved in the case,” continued Howe. “I had an opportunity to review the findings from the incident. I read every word from the entire investigation, including a thorough review of all the evidence submitted with the case. And although the investigators couldn’t prove who may have subsequently – and criminally as I continue to allege – damaged the rental and attached the images to my record, the information exposed by the investigation clearly demonstrate a level of incompetence so significant that I’m today asking the Attorney General from every state in this nation to launch an investigation into every consumer complaint involving a questionable ‘ding and dent’ claim against a consumer by Enterprise Holdings Inc., and specifically its ‘Damage Recovery Unit.’

“From the standpoint of the Federal Trade Commission and any allegations in its database involving alleged UDAAP’s, I’m asking the United States Congress to launch a federal investigation into Enterprise Holdings and any and all unacceptable business practices alleged by the citizens of this nation and the world.

“The AAA in every state is urged to warn its customers to act diligently before renting a vehicle and assuming a significant financial risk.

“Finally, I’m also asking consumers individually, credit card companies, and insurers that have settled suspicious or unproven damage claims to carefully consider hiring a lawyer and suing for recovery of any money paid to satisfy claims alleged to be a renter’s responsibility by Enterprise Holdings, National Car Rental, or Alamo Car Rental.

“For the record, among a multitude of ‘mistakes’ made by National with my specific case, an individual interviewed by law enforcement told the police that the photos ‘were never meant’ for the customer to receive,” continued Howe. “The company manager also told police the money pursuit was done ‘in error’ (

“Yes, for each State Attorney General and any consumer who may have paid a questionable claim, including for every attorney or consumer who may currently be engaged in suspicious claims, I urge all to obtain the full report produced by the Lee Port Authority Police to understand the process and review the chain of failures -- and excuses -- made to law enforcement associated with my specific case:

Lee County Port Authority

Southwest Florida International Airport

Police Department

11000 Terminal Access Road, Suite 8671

Fort Myers, FL 33913-8213

(239) 590-4810

Incident No: 2016000055203

Dispatch Incident No: 2016000053463

“The details of the report, including the claims made by National representatives and others involved, articulated to law enforcement can be compared with evidence provided to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office, including Director Victoria Butler and several senior investigators earlier this year: National Car Rental Crime Victim David Howe Meets with FL Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Consumer Protection Investigators Including Director Butler

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“I encourage everyone everywhere who is or will rent a car to get intimately familiar with every bit of the advice contained here: . The consequence of complacency in an environment where uniform and predicable standards are utterly lacking can be very, very expensive and time-consuming,” Howe concluded.

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