Hybrid Electric Plane Technology

Firms Team Up on Hybrid Electric Plane Technology - BBC

Hybrid Electric Plane - Source Airbus
Firms Team Up on Hybrid Electric Plane Technology - BBC

Excerpt from BBC

Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Siemens are to develop hybrid electric engine plane technology as part of a push towards cleaner aviation.

The E-Fan X programme will first put an electric engine with three jet engines on a BAe 146 aircraft.

The firms want to fly a demonstrator version of the plane by 2020, with a commercial application by 2025.

Firms are racing to develop electric engines for planes after pressure from the EU to cut aviation pollution.

Each of the partners in the programme will be investing tens of millions of pounds, they said on a press call.

The firms are developing hybrid technology because fully electric commercial flights are currently out of reach, a spokeswoman said.

The weight of batteries coupled with the weight of equipment to cool electric engines are two limiting factors at present, she said.

"We see hybrid-electric propulsion as a compelling technology for the future of aviation," said Paul Eremenko, Airbus' chief technology officer.

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