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Sojern Dives into the Diversity of the Asia-Pacific Traveler - By Ashley Proceviat

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Sojern Dives into the Diversity of the Asia-Pacific Traveler


Sojern’s Q3 Global Travel Insights report takes an in-depth look at the travel behaviors and preferences that defined this past quarter, and how they are shaping travel trends into Q4. The Asia-Pacific market is incredibly diverse, and we’ve uncovered the following for this quarter and what to look out for in the next:

  • In Q3, 62% of APAC searched trips lasted seven days or less, with 35% of searched trips lasting three days or less. 
  • Top short-haul destinations in Q4 so far include Tokyo, Singapore and Taipei. London, New York City and Los Angeles are at the top of the long-haul destinations for Asia-Pacific travelers.
  • There’s quite a bit of variance by origin when it comes to December departures. Singaporeans are looking to leave earlier in the month, and Japanese travelers are interested in departure dates closer to the very end of the month.
  • Hawaii is popular with Japanese travelers in particular, with Honolulu being the only long-haul destination in the top five top searched destinations in December.
  • Singaporeans are looking to stay closer to home in December, with the top five searched destinations all being regional trips.
  • Australians are more eager to travel long haul, with London leading the top searched destinations.

To find out more on Asia-Pacific travel trends or insights on other regions, check out our Q3 report here.

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Ashley is Sojern's Marketing Manager, EMEA & APAC and works in the London office. Originally from Canada, she's been living in London for over four years, and is actively trying to fill all the pages in her passport. She has never met a cheese she didn't like.

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