ABC Global Services Partners with Net Trans to Help Travel Professionals Collect Hotel Commissions Faster, Easier

The partnership will help ABC’s travel professional customers promptly and inexpensively collect earned hotel commissions – without any effort on their part.

Travel Industry Wire ABC Global Services, an industry-leading travel services provider for consultants and agencies worldwide, today announced that it has partnered with Norway-based Net Trans, a leading global provider of commission reconciliation and payment services. The partnership will help ABC’s travel professional customers promptly and inexpensively collect earned hotel commissions – without any effort on their part.

“Collecting hotel commissions is an issue that travel agents of all sizes grapple with every day”

Net Trans has the ability to handle the collection of all hotel commissions for ABC Global Services’ customers regardless of hotel brand, currency or location. Through its sophisticated technology, which is embedded in all Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), Net Trans collects all booked data without requiring the agency to input any additional information. Net Trans reconciles this information with commissions earned from hotels around the world and collects unpaid commissions. In addition, Net Trans has a team of professionals, with fluency in 19 different languages, calling hotels directly as needed. Net Trans closely cooperates with WPS and Pegasus, the two major payment companies that hotels use, and all four GDS providers have chosen Net Trans as their preferred hotel commission vendor.


“Collecting hotel commissions is an issue that travel agents of all sizes grapple with every day,” said Cynthia Kropp, executive vice president, marketing and business development, ABC Global Services. “It’s been our ongoing commitment to support all of the needs of travel professionals, including collecting commissions on a timely basis. We chose to partner with Net Trans because it is a proven, global leader in commission reconciliation, helping agents substantially increase their revenue from hotel bookings. Now with this partnership our customers can eliminate the time-consuming task of retrieving hotel commissions, and instead focus on providing outstanding service to travelers.”

With the Net Trans solution, ABC customers don’t need to install software or change their booking procedures. Detailed reporting is provided so that customers can follow each hotel booking’s progress through the system. Travel advisors pay a minimal fee for the service only when commissions are collected. These fees are significantly discounted for ABC customers. As an added benefit, for a limited time, all ABC agencies will get the first month of commissions free.

“We’re happy to partner with ABC Global Services because of its track record in providing comprehensive and exceptional solutions that put the needs of travel advisors first,” said Martin Jorgensen, CEO , Net Trans. “Through our partnership, ABC can now offer its customers a commission reconciliation service that not only achieves better results at lower costs, but that also cuts down on agency resources while reducing bank and foreign exchange charges. ABC Global Services is renowned globally for its leading hotel programs and the superior service it offers to travel professionals. With this partnership, ABC furthers the support it offers to travel advisors in collecting commissions. There is nothing worse than booking a hotel and not getting paid for it and that is why this partnership is so important.”

About Net Trans

Net Trans Service AS provides a complete hotel commission recovery and reconciliation service for travel agencies and other hotel booking professionals worldwide. Recovering hotel commission is a challenge for most agents, but Net Trans provides a solution by reconciling all hotel and payment data with agents’ reservations. The result is increased commission revenue and lowered cost of recovery through automation, dedicated expertise and significant economies of scale. Net Trans represents 10,000 travel agency locations in more than 90 countries, processing over 20 million room nights annually on their behalf.

About ABC Global Services

With more than three decades of travel industry leadership, ABC Global Services offers comprehensive hotel solutions in thousands of cities and unmatched personalized service and support to travel consultants worldwide. The company leverages its established relationships and buying power with hotels and other suppliers around the world to provide travel professionals with preferred access to superior services, inventory and rates, which are available through innovative solutions, such as ezBook by ABC – the industry’s most complete hotel booking engine. ABC’s customer base includes more than 7,900 agency locations throughout 76 countries worldwide in both corporate and leisure markets. The company books more than six-million room nights annually, with hotel revenues close to one billion dollars (USD). In addition to travel advisors, ABC’s dedicated team of professionals also serves as a trusted partner and distribution channel for hoteliers and other travel-related suppliers worldwide. 

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