Lanyon Offers New Solution to Audit Negotiated Rates Against Dynamic (BAR) Rates

Enhancement to existing patented solution includes capability to audit dynamic pricing

Lanyon Lanyon is pleased to announce the release of a major enhancement to its patented hotel rate auditing solution.  Effective immediately, hotel, travel management and corporate customers have the added benefit of easily and quickly ensuring that discounts from best available rates commonly referred to as “dynamic pricing” can be audited for complete accuracy.

“We are pleased to deliver this important and timely product innovation for our customers”, said Todd E. Tyler, President and CEO of Lanyon“. Lanyon has performed over 5 million rate audits in the last 12 months using our existing patented hotel rate audit solution and we continue to effectively grow our customer base and market share in this critical area.  As customers complete their 2013 negotiations in the coming weeks, they can turn to Lanyon to ensure that they are extracting the maximum value from chain wide agreements”. 

The new solution released in August 2012, enables the user to quickly validate that floating discounts provided by hotels against often changing best available rates are being fully and accurately applied.  This enhancement automates the verification of contract terms and is available via all of the Global Distribution Systems. 

About Lanyon
Established in 1984 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Lanyon is the leading hospitality solutions provider connecting corporations, hotels, serviced apartments and travel intermediaries in the largest online global hospitality marketplace. Lanyon’s solutions are used by over 700 corporations and 425 hospitality brands representing over 93,000 properties.

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