Bombastic Life Just Posted Their 2,000th Review

Unlike other travel sites, these reviews come from just two travelers

Bombastic Life After six years in the industry, multiple round-the-world trips and visits to over 55 countries and countless cities, villages and islands the founders of Bombastic Life have posted their 2000th travel review.
What makes this different than the other travel website?   It’s because 99% of the reviews on Bombastic Life are based on the personal experiences of the founders of Bombastic Life.  The founders, who wish to remain nameless so they can continue to give unbiased and independent reviews, started the site to give luxury travelers a view into what hotels, resorts, restaurants and airlines really are like when they are not “performing” for someone in the media or a famous guest.
They found the information published in many magazines was based on press trips, meaning the authors could not be truly unbiased.  And, many of the reviews on the major review sites were often written by a casual traveler, someone that travels a couple times a year, or less.   Bombastic Life’s theory “A casual traveler is traveling to relax and enjoy some down time.  They are not timing room service, measuring the hotel or resort against a long list of criteria, or computing a restaurant’s score for a myriad of product and service levels.”  Bombastic Life does.
As one of the founders said “Bombastic Life may not have every property covered, but in many of the major cities around the world, we have covered some of the best properties and readers can rest assured that the review is based on extremely high expectations.  And, whether it’s a bad experience, good experience or a bombastic experience, we write honest and opinionated reviews.”  As they like to say “the plain and simple truth”.
About Bombastic Life:
Bombastic was founded in 2006 by two luxury travelers who were having trouble getting good, reliable information about luxury properties.  They founded Bombastic Life so they could share their experiences with other like-minded travelers.  The site features their reviews of luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants and airline flights.  Bombastic Life ‘s website can be found at
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