GBTA is Encouraged by the Passage of FAA Reauthorization Bill by the House of Representatives

Long Overdue Reauthorization Act Means Acceleration in the Implementation of NextGen and Increased Transparency on Flight Cancellations and Delays

Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) – the voice of the business travel industry – today applauds the House of Representatives for the passage of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2011. The legislation advances key GBTA priorities, including an accelerated implementation of NextGen and important business traveler protections that increase transparency in flight delays and cancellations.

“The FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act will move the domestic air travel system into the future and away from antiquated technology and procedures,” said Mike McCormick, GBTA Executive Director and COO. “We strongly urge the Senate and House to reconcile the different bills as quickly as possible and deliver a bill for President Obama to sign into action. This bill, especially with an accelerated NextGen, will improve safety and increase the efficiency of our air travel system, and that is long overdue.”

GBTA supports the following key provisions of the legislation as passed by the House of Representatives:

-  Acceleration of NextGen

 The bill directs the FAA to develop an implementation plan to put in place NextGen navigation procedures to maximize the efficiency and capacity of commercial operations at the top 35 busiest airports in the United States by 2015. It directs the FAA make use of third-party developers of navigation procedures and expedited environmental reviews to accelerate implementation. By not implementing NextGen, FAA states that by 2022 the legacy system would cost the U.S. economy $22 billion annually in lost economic activity. That number grows to over $40 billion by 2033 if action is not taken.

-  Increase oversight on Canceled Flights & Lost Baggage: The bill requires the Transportation Department to collect and publish data each month on diverted and canceled flights.  It requires the Transportation Department to conduct a review of delays and flight cancellations, including statistics and associated causes.

-  Performance Metrics: The bill requires the FAA to establish and track National Air System performance metrics that include actual arrival and departure rates per hour, runway safety including runway incursions, and metrics on progress on the installment of NextGen. 

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