GBTA Praises the Senate for Passage of FAA Reauthorization Bill

Bill Will Lead to Faster Implementation of NextGen with Benefits Including Increased Fuel Savings through More Direct Air Travel Routes

Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) - the voice of the business travel industry - today applauds the Senate for the passage of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Bill which would accelerate the implementation of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and includes other important measures to increase transparency through the publication of customer service data and flight delay information, in addition to passenger rights actions relating to tarmac delays.

"We are pleased to see the process moving forward in the passage of this critical bill - the FAA Reauthorization Act is key to the improvement of the aviation system and particularly a response to the weight of demand to implement NextGen, a necessary update to the air traffic control system allowing for increased safety and efficiency in air travel, especially in light of increased fuel prices," said Mike McCormick, GBTA Executive Director and COO. "We urge the House of Representatives to quickly reach consensus in conference committee, so these essential changes can begin to be implemented."

GBTA supports the following key provisions of the FAA Reauthorization Act as passed by the Senate:

- NextGen: The Senate bill includes numerous provisions related to the management and oversight of FAA air traffic modernization initiatives and NextGen technology deployment. The FAA is required to issue a NextGen implementation plan within six months of enactment, including a schedule of rulemaking pertaining to regulations and guidelines for implementing NextGen.

- Publication of Customer Service Data and Flight Delays: The bill would require air carriers, on a monthly basis, to publish and update on their websites a list of chronically delayed flights and to share the list with each entity that is authorized to book passenger air transportation (e.g., travel agents or websites).

- Tarmac Delays: The Senate bill would require that no later than 60 days after the date of enactment, each air carrier and airport operator submit a proposed contingency plan to DOT for review and approval. DOT would have to establish minimum standards for these plans to ensure that these plans address long on-board tarmac delays and provide for the health and safety of passengers and crew. The air carrier plans would have to require each air carrier at a minimum to provide essential services, including adequate food, potable water, restroom facilities, cabin ventilation, cabin temperatures, and medical treatment.

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