HotelsCombined.com Price Index(TM) Review of Global Hotel Prices for January 2011

HotelsCombined.com has revealed the HotelsCombined.com Price Index™ forecast of global hotel prices for January 2011.

HotelsCombined If you are looking for the best value accommodation deals in January, then the HotelsCombined.com Price Index™ is for you. Every month we search our database of 2,500,000 hotel deals to bring you the biggest hotel destination reductions available over the upcoming month as well as year-on-year falls and rises.


Biggest Price Falls in January 2011 Month-On-Month
Travelers looking to spend less money on accommodation over the next month can find great price reductions in the following global city destinations.


The sharpest hotel price decrease from December 2010 can be found in Kiev, Ukraine. The low average room rate is the product of seasonal price fluctuations; but those not deterred by the weather will find amazing deals in a city known for both its rich history and modern culture. Kiev average nightly rates are down 23.02% from $124.74 to $96.03.

As with Kiev, the mountain town of Genting Highlands, Malaysia is currently seeing a seasonal price drop of 20.87% (down 20.87% from $97.49 to $77.15). 

In Bandung, Indonesia, the average hotel price dropped by 20.62% (down 20.62% from 84.36 to $66.97). This sudden fall in average room rate can be attributed to a strengthening of the USD against the local currency, making Bandung an attractive destination for foreign visitors.

Biggest Price Falls in January 2011 Year-On-Year
The steepest price fall year-on-year is seen in Sofia, Bulgaria where the average room rate dropped by a staggering 26.68% (down from $103.08 to $75.58). 

Cebu City, Philippines has greatly increased to number of hotels within the city to cater for the influx of visiting Chinese nationals, pushing hotel prices down by 20.55% year on year (down from $64.48 to $51.23.)

Hoteliers in New Delhi, India have had to lower their room rates by 19.29% this January in an attempt to sell the extra hotel capacity that was added for the Commonwealth Games. With updated facilities and a unique, vibrant culture, New Delhi (down from $100.46 to $81.09) makes an excellent choice for the budget conscious traveler this January.

Biggest Price Rises in January 2011 Year-On-Year
The steepest hotel price rise year-on-year is seen in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, which is up 52.75% thanks to the numerous trade shows taking place in the January. Frankfurt am Main was hit quite hard by the global financial crisis in 2010 but looks be rebounding in 2011 with average nightly rates up from $91.33 to $139.54.

Fort Lauderdale, USA will see room rates rise 30.83% (up from $106.51 to $139.35) this January, as over 100,000 art lovers descend on the city for the Las Olas Art Festival. The festival features works from over 300 local and international artists and is one of the city's biggest annual events.

Prices are up and will continue to rise 28.66% (up from $184.82 to $237.79) as Punta Cana, Dominican Republic enters its peak season. Low rainfall and high temperatures means tourists will flock to the local beaches and hotels will be running at high occupancy. Expect this trend to continue until rainy season in March

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