Travel Threats Confirms Areas of Concern for Safe International Travel

Travel Threats, with its comprehensive country reports identifying risks related from Terrorism, Criminal Activity, Political Unrest, Inclement Weather, Transportation Infrastructure and Health and General Safety concerns, identifies international security issues for 2008.

Travel Industry Wire Highlighted in recent reporting by the U.S. Department of State, Travel Threats (www.travelthreats.com) confirms several areas of concern for individuals traveling internationally.

Travel Threats assesses risks associated with transportation infrastructure at several international locations, often resulting in traveler casualties, remain elevated for 2008.

Health concerns due to the prevalence of food borne illness, confirmation of Bird Flu, and lack of consistent medical facilities remain on the list of travel related concerns.

Travel Threats assesses an elevated risk to travelers from transnational, regional and domestic terrorists operating within Asia and North Africa, threats from radicalization of "home-grown" terrorist groups within Europe will likely rise.


Violent crime within several African cities, especially critical crime levels in the Niger Delta with criminals targeting foreigners, especially those involved within the oil industry, remains elevated into the foreseeable future.

Political and internal unrest resulting in foreign government instability remains a security consideration. Recent violent incidents in East Africa, Southwest Asia and the Middle East mirror the types of activity which may affect travelers.

Lastly, historical precedent for earthquakes, hurricanes and tropical storms within Central and South America suggests inclement weather remains a threat to travelers to the Americas.

"The threats noted above reinforce our goal to assist the traveling public to be better prepared for, and to respond to, security challenges faced while traveling abroad," said Tara Boyd, Executive Vice President of Travel Threats.

Boyd also stated, "To demonstrate support for the traveling public, especially students during upcoming Spring Break, Travel Threats recently launched a free information portal on its website. Individuals can pose travel risk related questions directly to regional analysts with complimentary responses provided through the end of Spring Break travel.

Comprehensive Country Threat Assessments remain available to support businesses, academic institutions, religious organizations and tourists, 2008 is expected to be a busy year once again for our analysts."

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