UK Residents Visits Abroad Up By 4 Per Cent Overseas Travel And Tourism: September 2005

New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that visits abroad by UK residents rose by 4 per cent during the 12 months ending September 2005, from 63.3 million to 65.9 million.

Travel Industry Wire Over this period, visits to Western Europe increased by 1 per cent (to 49.7 million), to North America by 9 per cent (to 5.1 million) and to other parts of the world by 19 per cent (to 11.1 million).

In the same 12-month period, visits by overseas residents to the UK rose by 10 per cent, from 27.1 million to 29.9 million. Although visits from residents of North America showed a decrease of 2 per cent (to 4.3 million), there was an increase in visits from residents of Western Europe of 10 per cent (to 19.4 million), and from other parts of the world of 19 per cent (to 6.2 million).

During July to September 2005, there were 7.4 million visits to the UK by overseas residents - a decrease of 4 per cent when compared with the previous three months. Spending decreased by 7 per cent to £3.4 billion.

Over the same period, the number of visits overseas by UK residents fell by 1 per cent to 16.4 million, while the associated spending decreased by 2 per cent to £7.9 billion.

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