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Rethinking the (broken) Travel Marketing Funnel

Excerpt from PhocusWire

Today’s travel marketers are investing heavily at both ends of the marketing funnel: up top to drive awareness via channels like display media, TV and out-of-home advertising and down below to close the deal through channels like branded paid search and affiliate deals.

Unfortunately, that leaves a vast stretch of marketing territory - the mid-funnel, where influence and intent are built - that’s been largely neglected and greatly underfunded.

As the digital media landscape continues to shift, it’s in the mid-funnel where travel brands stand to gain the greatest competitive edge - but only if they move quickly to rebalance their budgets across the entirety of the customer journey.

Let’s take a look at why the mid-funnel is becoming of greater importance in the travel space, and how marketers can take advantage of this crucial time of transition.

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