Dominica International Airport

New International Airport Is Coming to Dominica

Plans to build a new international airport in Dominica have reached an important milestone as the government announces that it has raised sufficient funds to start implementing the much-anticipated project. The Skerrit administration had been saving millions every month from the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme to put Dominica on the global map as an upmarket ecotourist destination. The government synchronised this perfectly with the emergence of several luxury hotels and resorts built with contributions from CBI applicants.

On November 3rd, the Commonwealth of Dominica celebrated its Independence Day, marked yearly since the Caribbean island gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1978. The country found innovative ways to reach economic independence, establishing its world-leading CBI Programme in 1993. Through CBI funding, the island has transformed remarkably, especially in recent years, with new projects coming soon, a new Financial Times documentary revealed.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit explained his cabinet's long-term vision: "The only missing link for the country now is the international airport, with the hotels under construction and opening, with a resurgence in agriculture, agriculture expansion, with our programme to construct a new cruise village and a new port, improvement in our infrastructure [and] health facilities."

An under-the-radar green oasis, Dominica is now ready to welcome high-quality visitors to the island, working tirelessly to restore pre-Hurricane Maria arrival numbers from 2017. The island transformed at an extraordinary pace thanks to Dominican's resilient nature, and, importantly, building back better. Funding for the majority of the reinforcement works came, again, from the CBI Programme. "Every bridge that we have fixed, every home that we have assisted, every school we have fixed, funds came from the government of Dominica utilising the Citizenship by Investment Programme," noted the Prime Minister.

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