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Why DNA Tourism May Be the Big Travel Trend of 2019 - NBC

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Why DNA Tourism May Be the Big Travel Trend of 2019

Excerpt from NBC

A family tree used to take years of painstaking research. But with the advent of DNA testing, more people are discovering their roots and the travel industry is taking notice.

The desire to find and connect with our roots is nothing new, but thanks to the availability of DNA testing it's easier than ever before to actually trace that family tree. And findings aren't just passive information to file away. Armed with a new understanding of who they are and where they come from, people are flocking to their family's homelands in such droves that this DNA travel, so to speak, landed on Lonely Planet's list of Top Travel Trends for 2019.

It's not surprising, said Robin Hauck, director of Business Development and Partnerships with EF Go Ahead Tours. "As long as there's been travel there's been an appetite for visiting where our ancestors are from. What's changed is DNA technology has become so much more accessible, it's become cheaper and cheaper. What that's meant is the interest level has transitioned from a smaller group of genealogy-obsessed people willing to put in a ton of time and work on their own family tree ... [to] now you can buy a 23andMe kit in CVS [and] people have information at their fingertips." 

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