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4 Mobile Travel Trends Taking Off This Summer - Business 2 Community

Excerpt from Business 2 Community

Air travel itself can’t be digitally scaled - at least not yet anyway - because it’s hard to imagine teleportation from Boston to New Zealand without, you know, boarding a flight and sitting there for 16+ hours. But the overall travel experience can be scaled via mobile and technology, and some brands are already on that big-time. Below are 4 mobile trends taking off this summer:

1.) Chatbots, or “get the answers you need faster.”

One of the worst things about travel (among many great things) is that something can go wrong when you’re far from home, and that’s going to become a stressful situation super quickly. Airlines and other travel outlets are inundated with customer service requests — lost bags, ticket changes, other concerns — and often when you’re in a super stressful moment at the Barcelona airport (this is not me speaking from experience or anything, sigh), you can’t get ahold of someone who could help you solve the problem. That’s changing with technology, though. Air New Zealand’s Oscar chatbot has reportedly enabled the airline to answer 75% of questions in Australasia, freeing up its customer service agents to focus more on handling complex queries. In short: you get your issue solved faster.

2.) Internet of Things, or “seamless from exiting the plane to your hotel.”

Get this: Lufthansa is using IoT to enable passengers to track their baggage via a link found on their mobile boarding pass in the Lufthansa app. So as you’re deplaning, you can figure out the status of your baggage.

Singapore-based Drop Positioning Systems has created an all-encompassing Smart Hotel Eco-System to simplify the process of storing and locating guests’ luggage, manage inventory and even tracking of lost & found items, enabling hotels to save on manpower while boosting workflow efficiency at the same time.

Now, obviously that’s one airline and one set of hotel chains that DPS sells their product to — but basically, your luggage (often the source of travel concern) is now on a seamless journey (can luggage have a ‘customer journey?’) from plane to ramp to bag claim to hotel. And tech — that you can access on mobile! — is backing it up every step of the way.

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