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Following President Obama’s relaxing of U.S. travel restrictions, does Cuba have the potential to re-assert itself as a major tourist destination for Americans?
Social media has augmented our ability to communicate, but it has also made it easier to misunderstand and misread our audience — or to be misunderstood.
As multinationals seek to become bigger, faster and stronger to compete on the global stage, they’re launching new corporate development programs to mobilize their workforce. And their efforts are reaching far beyond out-dated cushy executive retreats.
General Electric has a new advertisement running on television with the central character an 'idea' – kind of a furry, non-descript creature, who is dismissed, dissed and detached until someone welcomes him to GE, and the 'idea' soon becomes festooned with colors and met with acclaim. Something new is scary sometimes, and many of us would avoid that 'idea' creature on the street.
Yeah right! They say it is never personal when they crush you in a deal or downsize you to the street. It is just business. However, we gnash our teeth and raise our hands to the sky, lamenting no clear means to better engage our Customers.
At the moment, there is no consensus about when to work, where to work or the number of hours one is expected to work.
How about this concept – a focus on civility, where everyone gets rated! Now, sectors of the sharing economy share their thoughts about you, the customer. Here is a lovely twist for you to consider.
Ah, that box we all think within is ever constricting. Just consider how we now look at accommodations, dining, and transportation - the big travel, housing, and entertainment topics. Never mind, pondering a rental of our lawn mower, bicycle or trench coat. They are all available for the right price.
Stephen Dubner, co-author of Think Like a Freak, discusses how to challenge conventional thinking and improve your decision-making.
Here is the big secret: women want the same as any other traveler, but seek an emphasis on certain aspects of travel and stay.
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