The issue of raising the minimum wage has been attracting increased attention and debate - but is it the best way to boost the economy and help low-income workers make enough to support their families?
Has a decline in loyalty to one’s company, common today among lower-level employees, now spread to the upper ranks as well?
Bloomberg LP chairman Peter Grauer believes good leadership is all about contradictions. During a speech at the recent Wharton Leadership Conference, he noted that the best leaders are able to adopt different personas and styles based on what is called for in a given situation. Good leaders, he added, also know that the next big opportunity or great hire could come from anywhere, and they conduct themselves accordingly.
In a new book titled, Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism, journalist Elizabeth Becker traces the history of tourism and points to the challenges facing the fast-growing industry, which currently contributes $6.5 trillion to the world's economy. In this interview with Knowledge@Wharton, Becker discusses the role that both individuals and countries must play as the tourism industry undergoes significant change.
Just this past week, August 21, 2013, a young German woman died in Hawaii from a shark attack. There has been some backlash as to why the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) has not released a statement of sympathy for the victim. Does this start to ring aloud with the theme song of 'Jaws'?
As a conference speaker and hospitality industry trainer, I have often experienced the anxiety of flying into a foreign country with a different language for the first time. Although I (regrettably) have not yet managed to learn any languages beyond my American English, I cannot once remember flying into an airport that I could not easily find my way around.
I recently completed another round-the-world trip and got to experience a few different airlines and their cultures. It always amazes me how different things are when you switch carriers, even when you are paying the exact same fare. After logging a million miles in the air over the past few years, I think it’s time to give some feedback.
Talk about a fading destination. Detroit is probably not on many travelers’ itinerary. I may be one of the few who actually enjoyed Motor City visits (Buffalo, too), admittedly some years ago. I had a business associate who was a native, so when downtown closed after 5 pm (it did and was desolate), he knew where to go; otherwise, I would not have left the sanctuary of my hotel. The future of Detroit was foretold, even thirty years ago, with the trip downtown from the airport – the city-scape was heartbreaking.
The Welcome mat in New Zealand and Hawaii has been removed, and certain elements of their population have been told/asked to relocate, based on health issues, both physical and mental. Lady Liberty must be wincing after her beacon of welcome.
Finally, another country can temporarily hoist the mantle of ugly tourism. The U.S. can take a breather, for China is close to the gold - no, make that the silver.
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