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If only airlines could read their passengers' minds. They can come close with the Passenger Choice Awards! As the FAA contemplates rules related to portable electronic devices, the traveling public can weigh in on every aspect of the trip any time they would like by participating in this airline-focused awards program.
Transfer passengers in terminals 2E and 2F can now benefit from new direct, simpler and quicker connection routes to their departure lounges.
2013-02-20 has asked travel fans across the world for their most scenic airport landings in its annual survey*, with the most votes going to the Caribbean island of St Maarten - where aircraft of all sizes land just metres from the beach at Princess Juliana International Airport.
The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, today announced that all-inclusive airfare advertising is now mandated under amendments to the Air Transportation Regulations. This will ensure consumers can clearly see the total price of an airline ticket, with no hidden fees.
Located at the far end of the existing international jetty, these new departure lounges are the first phase of a major expansion project estimated to cost $270 million.
Boingo is the leading provider of airport Wi-Fi in North America and Europe, managing Wi-Fi services at more than 60 leading airports worldwide.
From January through October 2012, ticket sales totalled $73.7 billion, compared to $71 billion in 2011, and $67 billion in 2010.
According to their travel habits and nationalities, air travellers can be divided into different groups, whose needs and expectations differ significantly. Most travellers expect airports to provide efficient services and offer positive experiences.
The program begins January 9, 2013, and ends April 9, 2013, with nine weekly flights of 150-passenger capacity (1,350 total seats per week) from Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Los Angeles and Oakland, California. Roundtrip fares will start at $399.
International air travel in and out of the United States has more than doubled over the last two decades, exceeding the growth rate of domestic aviation and also significantly outpacing real GDP growth, according to a report released today by the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program.
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