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The reality of public involvement in traveler reviews has dramatically altered the way customer loyalty and satisfaction must be compared at the property level. It is no longer acceptable to measure satisfaction and team performance based on a closed-loop model of customer feedback alone, namely the traditional hotel comment card. Guest comments are now public, as are quality ratings, and failing to apply team accountability for public commentary, or failing to measure against your competitive set, are like ignoring rate positioning in a crowded marketplace.
Traveler reviews have become part of the daily dialogue of web travel shoppers. The architecture of participation that is a basic hallmark of web 2.0 has resulted in users adding value to a site each time they write a review or upload a photo. It's no wonder that up to 84% of people visiting a site hosting consumer generated content (CGC) have their hotel choices affected by what they see. Millions of travelers log on daily and may experience a property through hotel generated photos and written text, but they find reviews and candid photography much more believable.
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